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Have a rest, chill out and get refreshed. Do something for your body too. Everyone can find just the right things for them in our wellness and swimming centre.

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Monday - Sunday: 15:00 - 21:00


Monday - Sunday: 16:00 - 21:00


Monday - Sunday: 07:00 - 09:00

  • Jacuzzi
  • Pool for children
  • Infra sauna
  • Tepidarium
  • Massaging nozzles
  • Steam sauna
  • Recreational swimming pool
  • Traditional sauna
  • Plunge pool

Traditional sauna

Ideal way of preventing viral diseases, cold and other illnesses.
Thanks to regular sauna visits your body winterises, you become fitter and strengthen your immune system.

Temperature: 90 to 105° C | Humidity: 5%
Duration of stay: 5 - 20 min

Infra sauna

In an infra cabin, twenty percent of heat is used for heating up the air and eighty percent is used for body heating.
It guaranties that such heating is deeper and more effective.

Temperature: 40 to 60° C | Humidity: 30 - 50 %
Duration of stay: 40 - 60 min

Steam Sauna

Less stressful for your body than traditional sauna.
Steam cleanses your skin and removes toxins from your body. When breathed in, it humidifies your airways and relaxes locomotory system muscles.

Temperature: 60° C | Humidity: 80 %
Duration of stay: 10 - 30 min

Plunge Pool

Cooling down in cold water forms an integral part of sauna rituals.
Plunging into cold water is the thing that turns the stay in a hot sauna room into that right experience.

Temperature of water: 8 - 10° C
Duration of stay: 1 - 10 min


Tepidarium is designed to slightly warm up one’s body and to bring it to the state of overall relief and relaxation.
The radiant dry heat is produced in the room by heating walls, floors and chairs on which one can sit or lie.

Temperature: 36 to 40° C | Humidity: 38 to 42 %
Duration of stay: No limitation


The combination of heat from water and pulsing nozzles guarantees a fantastic massage experience that reduces tension and relaxes muscles.
It increases body temperature and make blood vessels dilate. This, in turn, leads to improved circulation and better blood flow.

Temperature: 36 to 38° C
Duration of stay: No limitation

Recreational Swimming Pool

Indoor, all-year pool of 5 x 10 m.
Next to the pool, there is a pool for children of 1.5 x 5 m that is only 30 cm deep.

Temperature: 28° C
Duration of stay: No limitation


You can visit our fully equipped fitness centre that is open to you twenty-four seven.

Duration of stay: No limitation

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The word massage is the synonym of health and relaxation.

Feel free to choose any of the massage types we offer that are provided directly in our wellness centre.

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Wellness Bar

A delicious drink, whether containing alcohol or not, is what one cannot miss out when being by the pool. Our wide range of drinks will surely persuade you.

Sale of Cosmetics

We offer the Loccitane quality cosmetics directly at our hotel reception.
The product range of this cosmetics is extended on a regular basis so that we are able to offer you the whole line of products for your comfort.